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Milk Rice 2

Popsicle Books, an imprint of Perera Hussein Publishing House, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2013

IBN: 978-955-0041-04-6

Edited by Ameena Hussein this is a rich and varied selection of eight wonderfully entertaining stories with illustrations and a marvelous mix of fantasy and imagination. This volume is a real treasure trove of words and stories which amuse and entertain as they immerse children in the world of books. Every tale brings laughter or tears and has a special message about growing up. Perfect for reading alone or aloud and for dipping into time and time again. For ages 6-8.

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The Vampire Umpire

The Vampire Umpire and Other Stories for Children

Popsicle Books, an imprint of Perera Hussein Publishing House, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2013

ISBN: 978-955-0041-05-3

A collection of stories edited by Ameena Hussein that brings together cricket crazy vampire bats, a wander lust scarecrow, a little girl who dreams about being a spy and magic blue stones, to name a few of the characters that people this marvelous selection. For ages 8-12, this little book is sure to find a favoured place in your child's book cupboard.

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Blue: Stories for Adults

Perera Hussein Publishing House, Colombo, Sri Lanka 2010
ISBN: 978-955-8897-20-1

Edited by Ameena Hussein, Sri Lanka’s first collection of stories for adults. Sixteen scorching stories by various writers evoke a world of heady sensuality and offer a veritable smorgasboard of spicy fantasies. The book offers a lot of naughtiness, gorgeous photographs and a fresh focus on Sri Lankan fiction. This is a collection to break the hum and drone of everyday life.



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Perera Hussein Publishing House, Colombo, Sri Lanka 2009
ISBN: 978-955-8897-17-1

Long-listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize, The Moon in the Water is a story of a young woman’s search for family. An unexpectedly revealed secret threatens to destroy her very identity, family bonds and unravels complicated threads of love. Khadeeja Rasheed has the perfect life in far away Geneva. A loving family, a fulfilling career and an adoring boyfriend. When her father is accidentally killed in a bomb blast, she returns home to Sri Lanka.

There she discovers a secret that threatens to destroy family ties. The Moon in the Water brings a young woman's search for recognition and family vividly to life. In this story of deep desires, identity and passion, Ameena Hussein draws a dramatic portrait of loss, bewildering love and possible forgiveness.

Excerpt from The Moon in the Water









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Popsicle Books, an imprint of Perera Hussein Publishing House, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2008

ISBN: 978-955-8897-16-4

A collection of stories for children, edited by Ameena Hussein. Journey to a strange village and learn the secret of their hats or travel in time to a town in Sri Lanka with a genii.
Read about the dilemma of a cat that is forbidden to kill or dream about building an aeroplane that will fly over golden paddy fields. In this collection MilkRice enthusiastically presents nine stories for children from new and established Sri Lankan writers.





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Perera Hussein Publishing House, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2003

ISBN: 955-8898-00-0

In this award winning collection of short stories, Ameena Hussein writes of love, death, fantasy, identity crises, changing worlds and freedom – creatively using language to shape raw life into evocative fiction. Hussein’s short stories address and revolve around the question of identity within an essentially Sri Lankan context. While most of this volume reflects aspects of Sri Lanka’s ethnic and socio-economic struggles, these stories are not merely ‘about’ Sri Lanka.




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  ICES, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1999

Ameena Hussein's first collection of short stories which was short listed for the Gratiaen Prize in 1999 deals with sexuality, emotion, love, and disillusion in a style that is raw, stark and sometimes brutal. The stories address life from a Sri Lankan woman's perspective.

Always questioning, almost never yielding, a frank, yet tender exploration of learning to live life on her own terms. The stories reveal dilemmas and emotions framed in descriptive language, that enchant while exposing life's hidden costs.


Other books
Hussein, Ameena (2004) editor, Race: Identity, Caste and Conflict in the South Asian Context. ICES, Colombo Sri Lanka.

Hussein, Ameena (2000) Sometimes there is no Blood: Violence against Women in Rural Sri Lanka. ICES, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Hussein, Ameena and Bhawani Loganathan (1999) An Annotated Bibliography on Violence Against Women in Sri Lanka. ICES, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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